The 2018 Chongqing International Housing Industry Expo exudes a warm and charming atmosphere

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The 2018 Chongqing International Housing Industry Expo opened today in the beautiful water city, marking the first time that Thermo Engineering has made a grand debut of two new models of JP90Z/L large displacement hybrid pumps, which have been developed in recent years, at the Chongqing Yuelai International Convention and Exhibition Center.

The rapid development of light steel prefabricated buildings currently lies in mature and reliable technology, flexible structural systems, favorable construction and commercial development, high building economy, advanced technology, and favorable conditions for environmental protection, energy conservation, and sustainable economic development. In the recent period, light steel prefabricated residential buildings have emerged and developed rapidly in China, especially light steel villas. Due to their short construction cycle, lower construction costs compared to brick and concrete buildings, as well as advantages such as energy conservation, environmental protection, lightweight, high-strength, and good seismic performance, they have promoted the vigorous development of the domestic light steel assembly construction industry. The rapid growth of market demand has clearly become the theme of this residential industry expo, which is highly anticipated.

The thermal products displayed at this expo are unique and eye-catching, especially winning the love of the audience with their high cost-effectiveness. The booth style is unique and captivating, as if it takes people into a golden palace, shining brightly, and embarking on the road to wealth.

The enthusiastic explanation from the staff of the Wenzhou Engineering Conference on the mechanized construction of light steel assembled residential buildings will make you linger and forget to leave.

The 2018 Chongqing International Housing Industry Expo is inspiring. Wen workers never forget their original intention, adhere to technological innovation, and strive to promote the development of China's light steel prefabricated housing industry, providing higher quality grouting and spraying construction machinery, and striving to build a future legend.